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Hi, kids.  Welcome to AL's Page.  Right about now, you may be asking yourself, who the devil is AL?  
Well, simply stated, I am AL.  I'm Mari Sloan's husband, and since for better or worse, I'm the one who
designed the layout of the website and keeps it up to date,
(or not, as the case may be) and I've decided
that I should have a page or two of my own.

I'd like to take this time to thank TIM PARKER for creating the music to use as the theme for the
'trailer' for the second edition of Beaufort Falls.  Well, I have a few mixed emotions about it, but since it
all worked out, I'd like to thank him anyway.  Y'see, the way this music was created was not exactly what
I had planned.

We arrived at his house, and I ASSUMED he'd have beer, since he's always an impeccable host.  He had
all kinds of food delivered, but since I don't eat at night, this was of no relevance to me whatsoever.  Mari
and Tim ate, we socialized for a little while, and eventually she volunteered to go to the store and buy
beer for us.  She's a drunkard's dream if I ever did see one, but I digress, and I might be stepping on
lyrical toes, so I'll stop.

Tim has electronic drums in his apartment, even though he doesn't play drums; please don't ask why,
we're not going there; he's a musician, and you don't want to question the way THOSE PEOPLE think,
but I digress, yet again.  Anyway, he set all of his programs up, started up a rhythm track, handed me
some headphones and told me to warm up while he got all his levels set.  After five minutes, he told me to
stop.  He said he had everything he needed.  I was ready to record an actual track for the music when the
rat-bastid told me he wanted spontaneity and he was using the slop I created, quite literally, as part two of
dual percussion without the first part.

"Dude, that was warm-up crap, you don't wanna use that.  It's all eccentric licks and stupidity."

His response?  "Yep, that'll work.  I didn't want you thinking too hard.  I wanted the real you."

Mari arrived with the beer, and after the fifth one, I was resigned to the turn of events.  Also, I think it
turned out to be one heluva piece of music.  Since he told me specifically that the length of the video had
to match the exact length of the finished music, the trailer is LONG.
"It's FUN to be Crazy!"
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