"Beaufort Falls is an engaging, page-turner of a first novel.  Mari Sloan
propelled her considerable writing skill forcefully onto the pages of
Beaufort Falls with the same spectacular propulsion as the atom bomb. It
rockets along like a stagecoach on the loose with surprises at every turn.
This book is a must-read!"

Nancy Rodgers, columnist for The Farmland News in Toledo Ohio, and award
winning free-lance photographer
Preliminary Reviews Are In!
"Beaufort Falls is a spine tingling tale that has something important to
convey.  As a family service social worker for abused children, I had an
intense interest in the plight of Molly and Tessie.  They identified with
hundreds of kids I see in my work every day; children who blame
themselves for all the bad that happens, 'parentify' themselves because no
one else will bear the burden, strive so hard to please, yet never receive
recognition.  Author Mari Sloan touches on such dynamics of family
dysfunction as: domestic violence, infidelity, physical and emotional
abuse, on a most intense level, making you aware of issues you never
dreamed possible.  A tangled web of dead spirits, blood dripping murders,
and suspense evolves in this story about a small, backwards southern
Alabama town in the late 1970's, where nothing makes sense until it all
unravels.  It will shake, rattle and rock your nerves."

Denise Valenti, social worker/teacher, RI Dept of Children, Youth, and Families

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I wanted to point out a geographical hiccup in the first paragraph of
Chapter One where Beaufort Falls is said to be east of Mobile, south of
Montgomery, etc. It should be north of the Gulf, not the ocean.  I live in
south Alabama, so that stood out to me.

Simeon Coxe, renowned artist and musician                      (Fixed!)
                                                           Who says we only print good reviews?
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I loved your book, Mari.  I was completely lost in the characters.  You
have shown me now, in this book, how to love body and soul, and how
love truly does triumph ... just not in the way we might expect.  Write it as
a screenplay.  It would make a kick-ass movie.

Cheryl Forsman, Sedrow Wolley, WA
Mari Sloan’s novel, Beaufort Falls, is a fun, exciting, “wonder what is
going to happen next” experience.  The characters are delightful and
imaginative, with fun, laughter, and even some giggles thrown in.  I
recommend this book for an off-course, unpredictable romp through the
world of reading, and commend the author for making the trip believable.

Roseanne D. Savo, Founder and Facilitator of Literary Options, Literary Wanderings,
Cultural Gatherings, and Creative Gatherings, Ventura County, CA
Music: Kevin MacLeod
Beaufort Falls grabs the reader up in a tale of murder, suspense and the
supernatural. Surprisingly enough, what captures your heart and engrosses
you is the deep love and light humor woven into the story. These elements
combined keep you turning each corner to find out what happens next. I
can't wait for the next book!

Nancy Evans, Avery, TX
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